Exploration #1: First Email to the Instructor

The first exploration, is for you to share via an email who you are and why you are in our class.



My main email address is (which is also my college address):

or john.taylor@fscj.edu

What is your external Email address. If you send your first email from that address I can add it to my contact list without typing.

Since I have six classes Fall 2018: one A7 online, one A-15 (F2F)(Deerwood), one A-15 (Hybrid)(Deerwood), one B-12 online,  one B-12(F2F), and one B-12 hybrid, I need you to identify which class you are in with each email communication via the subject line.


Please start each subject with the code in your Subject line for this email for your registered class as follows:

                           20A7: First Email    (A7 online)

                           20A15: First Email   (A15 F2F-Deerwood)

                  20A15H: First Email (A15 Hybrid-Deerwood)

                  20B12: First Email     (B12 Online)

                             20B12F: First Email  (B12- F2F-North)
                   20B12H: First Email
   (B-12 Hybrid-South                                      


In your first email to me, tell me about yourself:

What is your college major (if you have one? Nursing? otherwise it is Liberal Arts-Subject)

What are your hobbies, your goals in life, where you work and what kind of job you have, how long you have done this job, your family, even your pets?

Also, did you have high school chemistry? When? (Not a requirement for this class).

Have you had other college chemistry courses? When? Did you Pass?